Septic Tank Restoration

Through various breakthroughs in septic system restoration technology, we have the solution to the most common septic related problems. The solution is an Aerobic Bacteria Generator (ABG):

After installing the ABG into a seepage pit, and or single/two compartment septic tank, the ABG blend of powerful biological agents immediately begin processing wastes (including nitrates) within the tank and continue its work throughout the leach field system.

The ABG aerates, circulates, and inoculates the entire contents of a septic chamber at the rate of over 25,000 gallons a day. Within the ABG, circulating septic tank liquids pass over 150 square feet of surface area in which a dense colony of ABG blend bacteria attaches and thrive. As the septic liquid passes over the bacteria, organic wastes are rapidly digested. In single volume tanks, cesspools and inlet chambers of septic tanks, this digestion is so complete that regular pumping is no longer necessary.