Septic Tank Pumping Services

Professional Septic System Maintenance

Prieto Engineering is a Los Angeles septic tank pumping service contractor that provides septic service to residential and commercial clients with septic tanks in Los Angeles County and surrounding cities.

Prieto has a vast knowledge of septic pumping and the septic systems it maintains and services. While septic systems are known to fail, Prieto has the technology to make them last for decades, to maintain function it is important to maintain a bacteria generation system or pump your tank every few years.

If septic systems are not maintained some issues that come up are an unpleasant odor, leakage from the septic tank, and poor filtering of wastewater. Pumping your septic system or installing one of our Aerobic Bacteria generators can resolve these problems.

Over time septic systems fill up and need to not simply be pumped but remediated. While timely Septic Tank Pumping may extend the life of your septic system, they all eventually tend to get gummed and fail and back up without modern technology. One of the most common reasons septic systems fail is based on how many people are using the septic tank and how frequently your system is being used.

The good news is that Prieto has the technology to keep your septic system functioning and the ability to remediate your system in the likely event of a failure.

Prieto can maintain, empty, pump, clean, and install your septic tank. Call today to get a free estimate.